Because Itís Your Life

Life and Career Coaching with Joan Steidl

Are you ready for coaching? - Adult version

Answer the following questions using 0, 1, or 2.

I feel ďstuckĒ in life.

I am ready for change in my life but just canít seem to make it happen.

I have great ideas but I always fall short of being able to implement them.

I feel as if Iím not living up to my full potential.

Parts of my life are wonderful, other parts arenít so great and need change.

I Ďm at a crossroad in my life and am not sure which direction to take.

Iím motivated to change but need someone who will hold me accountable.

I often think ďthereís more to life than this.Ē

I live for Fridays! My work is no longer satisfying.

I canít get organized and itís holding me back.

I want to make a career change but donít know how to get started.

Iím easily distracted and itís interfering with my personal and work life.

Other people are responsible for how happy and content I am in my life.


If you scored 6 or more you may be ready to hire a life and career coach.

Contact me at . Weíll set up a mutually agreed upon time for a telephone consultation. Plan on 15 minutes. This is a no-cost, no-obligation personal consultation. Itís your life and you only have one life to live. Letís see if working together can help you make your life richer, fuller and more meaningful.